Greencarrier Freight Services UK: A highly regarded specialist on the Scandinavian market.

Greencarrier Freight Services UK has always been highly regarded as a specialist on the Scandinavian market. Since the original company behind Greencarrier Freight Services UK was formed in 1980, the philosophy has been to ensure as much direct control over our customers cargo as possible and therefore, Greencarrier Freight Services UK own and operate the trailers, trucks, collection/distribution vehicles and warehouses, so that a reliable and cost-effective means of moving cargo of all types from door to door can be supplied with confidence to customers.

Greencarrier Freight Services UK have a modern, reliable fleet of vehicles and operate clean and secure warehousing facilities both in Ipswich and in Immingham.  Short, medium and long term storage can be arranged at competitive rates and both warehouses are approved E.R.T.S.. Our staff are also well experienced with Pick and pack, sorting, re-marking, labelling and shrink wrapping facilities at both sites, along with computerised stock control systems.

At the Immingham warehouse, dedicated facilities are available for ambient food storage with electric forklift trucks to ensure a clean working environment.

Greencarrier Freight Services UK have a wide range of vehicles from transit van up to tri-axle tractor units so that any size of consignment up to the maximum permissible payloads can be accommodated. All drivers are ADR trained and have mobile phones to ensure the flexibility of service at all times. The up to date vehicles and fuel management systems ensure that CO2 emissions are kept to a minimum.

That is why we dare to make the toughest customer promise in the industry: 

Yes, it’s possible!


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At Greencarrier Freight Services UK, we pride ourselves in living the company values; Commitment, Involvement and Humour & Joy



With our warehouses offering ERTS and Bonded warehousing facilities and being well placed to serve Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, Greencarrier Freight Services UK can be relied upon to meet all your warehousing needs.